Sunday, January 20, 2013

Defeating Giants

The account of David and Goliath is a familiar one. Here are a few thoughts concerning defeating giants in our lives. Please read I Samuel 17

1. If we are going to go into battle we have to leave our baggage behind. Verse 22 talks about David's carriage. This was not a horse drawn buggy, but rather the things that he "carried"...his baggage.

2. We have to be willing to come face to face with the giant. We cannot win the battle by ignoring the enemy. We have to face reality. Vs 23

3. Our motivation has to be bigger than ourselves. In verses 26 and 45 David cites his nation and the reputation of Jehovah as his reason for challenging the giant. Our personal agendas, preferences, and desires are not sufficient motivation in the fight. It has to be about the bigger picture.

4. Have faith. David was dependent upon God. See verses 37 and 46.

5. Be yourself. God has given you what you need to win over your giants. There is no need to try to use someone else's personality, abilities, or strengths. Verses 38-40

6. Ignore negativity. Giants holler and offend. That's what they do. You just have to ignore that. Verse 42

7. Count on a miracle. Once David had done all he could, he let go of the stone. At that point it was all in God's ballpark. Goliath was defeated because David obeyed and God came through with a miracle.

Now go fight the giants.

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