Thursday, December 13, 2012

What Do We Lose (Part 1) if Christianity Makes Room for Darwinism - Evolution

Okay, here is the deal. There are those within broader Christian circles today who want to make allowances for modern scientific theory and choose to embrace evolutionary thought. There are educational institutions that heavily promote this theory (evolution) to the complete neglect of any other plausible explanation of the earth's origins; namely, creation. Because of this, there are thousands of people, even Christians, who have not taken the time to examine the equal and abundant evidence pointing toward creation.  To add more chaos to this mix, the theories abound that attempt to squeeze Darwinism into the Bible in order to satisfy those who are conflicted between their faith and the "facts" about the earth's origin which they have been taught. These include the Day Age Theory and the Gap Theory.

Here is my problem. If you start messing around with the first chapters of Genesis; if you read into Scriptures what you like in order to match current theories and thought, how can you then say with certainty what is true in those chapters and what is not? If some of Genesis cannot be taken as literal truth, then none of it can be credible. In short, we will explore the fact that you run the risk of losing core Christian doctrine if you are willing to put the first chapters of Genesis up for interpretation and negotiation. Let's examine a few.

If there was no creation, than there is no Creator. Sounds simple doesn't it? If God didn't create the world, than we have no need for Him. We need God. We need something bigger than us. But if God is incapable of creating the world around us, then He is no longer OMNIPOTENT. If God is not all powerful, then He is limited. If God has limits to His power, then can we really depend upon Him? Of course not. If God is not OMNIPOTENT, is He really God at all? Not the God that we know. Certainly, a God that has limited power is not the God of the Bible. And so we come to the sad realization that if God is not the Creator, than He is a different god than the One that we have come to know through the pages of the Bible. We have, in denying his OMNIPOTENCE by means of Darwinistic editing of the Genesis account, created a god of our own imagination ; a weak and incapable god; a god that does not deserve our admiration or praise; an idol designed to soothe our Christian sensibilities while evolutionary theory and modern science, not the Word of God, becomes our foremost authority.

If there was no creation and there is no Creator, then we are not responsible to anyone. The Bible's depiction of man's relationship with God is one of accountability as a result of ownership derived from the act of creation. If God made it, He owns it. If there was no creation, then man is not responsible to a creator (God). If we are not accountable to God, we can behave however we like and no one can say a word because there is no moral basis for law and conduct. Without a creator to give the rules, everyone's opinion is valid as truth, there is no right and wrong, and there is no moral foundation for society.

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